A to Z about Windows: WindoorHC Guide

Thursday, November 05, 2015

It is not medieval time that the windows were used to allow the access of air and light. With the advancement of technology, there have been numerous improvements in window pane as well.

Uses of Windows:
We will start with the very basics first, Light and fresh air. Windows are amazing useful to bring life to your house. Just imagine a place with no light or a fresh breeze. The first thought you have is of a haunted or damped place, isn't it? And you definitely don't want your place to be like them that is for sure.

Earlier Windows used to constitute of a single pane of glass, or glass fitted in iron or wooden frames. They used to work just fine but are we ever content with "just fine"? No, so windows that are installed now are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly,  

Low Emissivity Glass:
The window pane consists of a virtually invisible material layer that restricts the flow of heat. It helps you to save valuable electricity bill in the summers and maintain the room warm in winters.

Impact resistance glass:
If you have kids in your place then an impact resistance glass is what you must opt. Even if you whack the glass pane with a baseball bat, it might crack but seldom shatter and spread tiny bits of glass everywhere.

Types of Windows:
There are many types of windows depending upon their frame, utility, place of placement and their usefulness. Each of the following window panes is useful in their own way, and you can mix and match them as well to give a unique and personalized look to your place.

They are:
Single/Double-hung Window
Single/Double Casement Window
Double-hung Window with cut-ups
Double Hung Windows with cut-ups and an arched window above.
Picture Window
Stationary Picture windows with casement windows on either side
Sliding Patio
Circle Window
Hexagon Window
Half-moon Window
Triangle Window and
Screen Window

Window Accessories:
Numerous accessories are used to give the look you want from your window.
Hinges: They are used to provide support to windows when they are open.
Window handles: They are used to open the window with ease.
Window ventilation: They are used to provide ventilation even when the window is closed.
Window security restrictor: They are used to restrict the opening and closing of windows from outside by intruders.
Window Espagnolette bolts and Window Seals: They make sure the window stays in its place even in harsh weather.
Window Drapes: It helps to restrict the entry of light and view from the outside.