A-Z on Glazing tools: WindoorHC guide

Thursday, December 10, 2015

After you select the glass, and you are ready to place in on the frame, you have to make sure you get the right size. If the glass you place is not of the optimum size, it will not only display a distorted image of the picture inside but also can cause cuts to the person who cleans the frame.

The first task is to measure the size of the frame and cut the glass or plexiglass of the right size. Most people confuse plexiglass and normal frame glass as the same thing. Only a professional is aware of the difference. Also, cutting them is not the same process, even if it appears to be same.

Cutting the glass for the framed picture is a simple task. You can do it with the help of any glass cutting tool from your nearby convenience store or order them online from here. However, when cutting the glass, you need to make sure that the glass not only fits right in the frame but also that it does not leave any gap, either in the corners or between the picture and the frame. It is the difference between a novice and an expert. It too is a work of art, like the picture you wish to hang on your wall.

However, cutting the acrylic glass is a completely different ball game altogether. Any ordinary glass cutter will not cut the acrylic glass. Even if you apply force to detach the extra glass from the one you need, can either break the entire glass sheet or hurt you in the process. So, instead of acting like a barbarian, you need to handle the situation like an artist.

Working with an acrylic glass cutter, may feel like a tortoise race but hey remember the school time story. In which a tortoise race with a hare, the tortoise wins because of his steady efforts.  Similarly, you need to be patient when working with an acrylic glass cutter as you won't be able to penetrate the entire glass in one go. You need to cut the same piece over and over again on the same spot to get that smooth and fine edge. Only then, snapping the extra portion from the entire glass sheet will give you the right sized acrylic glass for your frame.

Most glasses need to be cleaned before you place them in the frame to get the right look at your picture. However, Acrylic glass comes masked with paper and protective film. You may want to clean the same, before placing it in the frame as well. For glass cleaning products, or acrylic glass cutter, you can check our website for products that help you in glazing the acrylic glass.