Importance of right Adhesive, Sealant and Fillers: WindoorHc Guide

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

These minor hardware equipment, if used properly can not only save tons of money but also avoid an extra trip to your nearby convenient store to get a replacement of the broken appliance. To make things simple let's study them individually so that you get a comprehensive idea on when and how to use them to reap maximum benefits.


An adhesive is a substance which is used to bind together substances and make their separation difficult. It is a transparent liquid substance of high density and low viscosity. It is generally applied to the facing surface of the material that you wish to join together. It's uses are similar to that of glue and paste. However, it is far more resistant to separation that either of them and hence, it is generally preferred by professional when they wish to join two surfaces together.

 The right way of using an Adhesive is by applying and spreading it evenly on the surfaces of the material, that you wish to paste together. However, you must take some precautions when you are working with an adhesive. Like, you should never touch the liquid with your bare skin. Always wear gloves when applying the adhesive on any surface. If the surface is large, then spread the liquid using a small piece of wood or an unused cloth.


The work of sealant is very much similar to that of an adhesive. However, instead of combining two material or two pieces of same material together and joining them to form one, the sealant is used to avoid the flow of liquid from joints or damaged hardware. You must have seen a leaking pipe or any plastic product with a crack. A Sealant is used to fix such equipment. It is also used at the time of installation of appliances as it resists the transmission of liquid, heat, dust and sound as well. It may not be an adhesive, but it still has some adhesive properties and once it gets settled it is very hard to remove or break open.

There is no such precaution while using a sealant. It is just that you should keep it away from the reach of children. And until it settles, avoid the flow of liquid through or over the sealant. It is also used for waterproofing of walls and roofs, as water or any other liquid does not stick to its surface nor does it mix with them once the sealant is dried.


Fillers are basically small particles that are added to materials to avoid the consumption of expensive binder or to improve the properties of binding materials. They are heavily used in the paper, rubber and paint industry. If used optimally with adhesive and sealants they not only enhance their ability but also help them to bind the materials more aggressively. Regarding the precaution one must adhere to, there are rarely any, apart from using the product optimally. Also, when mixing them with adhesive and sealants, make sure to mix the ingredients evenly and spread with care.