Open Your Door In Style

Monday, July 20, 2015

uPVC Door Handles - uPVC - represents unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. This is an unbending, inflexible, chemically resistant grade of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) used for piping, window frames, and other structures such as door handles.

uPVC is used throughout the world for its rigidity. It has replaced many other product materials previously used in manufacturing door handles and other materials that are subject to chemical erosion and resistant to high-temperature and water damage. Previously used materials such as aluminum, wood, and other metals are highly corrosive and will damage over a period of time.

The market for uPVC door handles has grown over the last decade and are used as replacement door handles for their durability and chemical resistance to the environment.

A variety of styles and finished are available from highly polished to dull or flat finishes uniquely adding style and dimension to upgrades or simply make general hardware changes. Whether you are looking for a simple handle for your door, or a key locking unit, the styles and variety of finishes will be the decision. While not having to decide on the material selection and just selecting the style you'll enjoy viewing on your door makes this task more enjoyable. Like we also like to introduce our new product watchman sonic oil level monitor.

Styles to Consider

You want to think of the person who will be using the door and consider their hand and wrist flexibility. Possibly a thick lever style handle for an elderly person who may have some arthritis in their hands or wrist would be a better selection than a the knob style they now have that tests the comfort of the wrist. If it is children, using a lever style would be the easiest means of entry. When you choose your style, don't forget the desired finish. Another thought while you are looking to upgrade or change your door handle. Consider creating a look of consistency. Look at all the fixtures on your door, from hinges, door knockers, double locks, etc. Be consistent, give this change a professional view. Create style for comfort and appearance and products made with uPVC are made to last.