Double Cup Suction Glass Lifter

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Double Cup Suction Glass Lifter with an Aluminium Body. The Suction Pads or Cups are 115mm in diameter and the suction is achieved by means of a small lever/toggle which is located on the aluminium body of the Glass Lifter. Once the Glass lifter has been correctly attached to the glazing, it is then designed to enable the safe movement of the Glass. This two cup suction glass lifter is capable of lifting a max. of 80kg. This product is capable of lifting any flat panel that has a smooth impervious surface.

  • This 2 Cup suction Glass lifter has a strong aluminum body and 2 toggle action suction cups.
  • This is a quality made glass lifter incorporating the best quality materials.
  • It is strong , robust and is a perfect choice for consistently reliable panel suction.
  • The glazing or panel can only be released when the toggle release is activated.
  • The Glass Lifter suction cups are 115mm in diameter
  • Suction pads/cups must be kept clean & unmarked to avoid malfunction.

Recommended for:-

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Coated Wood
  • Marble


Hand-Held Suction Cups
for Glass Installation

  • Put a handle  of the Glass Lifter where you need it on flat glass.
  • Install any size window that can be lifted manually.   
  • Handle lites of nearly every size and shape up to the max. lifting capacity of the glass lifter.  
  • This suction lifter will Handle Plexiglass®, Lexan® and virtually all other nonporous construction materials.
  • Handle shower doors, storm windows and other awkward glass products with ease.  


  • The glass lifter is Ergonomically designed to promote ease of glass handling.
  • Glass Lifters helps prevent worker fatigue and avoid worker injury.
  • Rapid apply and release times increase worker productivity.
  • High-quality, industrial strength construction for durability.