Versa Universal Adjustable Upvc Door Handle

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A truly versatile retro-fit multipoint lock door handle that will replace 95% of handles on the market. The handles slide to 59mm-96mm PZ to suit the lock concerned. The Versa Door Handles which also suits Aluminium and Timber Doors that incorporate Multi-point Locking bolts. This uPVC Door Handle has been designed with a long backplate to fascilitate those occassions when a longer backplate is required to span locking mechanisms or when replacing a older uPVC Door Handle with a long backplate. The Versa uPVC Door Handle has two fixing screws, it also has two internal spring cassettes to ensure a positive and precise locking operation. Fixing lugs are present on the backplates of both uPVC Door handles for a positive location.

  • Adjustable between 59mm and 96mm PZ.
  • Suits both solid spindle lift lever and split spindle functions.
  • Split spindles and spindle converters are available to suit.
  • 260mm screw centres means that handles can be fixed above and below most lock cases on the market.
  • Can be used for external use
  • The Versa Lever/Lever uPVC Door Handle is Non-handed.
  • This uPVC Door Handle comes complete with an 8mm spindle and screw pack for coupling the two handles together.
  • There are two Spring Cassettes with this uPVC Door Handle which ensure that the door handle returns to latch position when the handle on either side is released, making for a solid and secure operation.




Replacing a uPVC Door Handle


Should you require to replace the uPVC Door handle there are a few things that you should check first:-

Measure the following :- 

·         Total length of the backplate.                                  

·         The distance between the fixing screws. (Some uPVC Door Handles have 3 fixing screws. Give ALL the dimensions.

·         The distance from the centre of the spindle (bar that goes from one lever handle through to the other).To the centre of the cylinder/barrel lock (centre of the revolving section where the key is inserted). This measurement is called the PZ and should be one of the following:- 70mm, 92mm.

Once you have this information choose a uPVC Door handle that matches these dimensions, along with your desired colour and finish. You will find a dimensions drawing along with an image for each of our uPVC Door Handles.


Removal of the existing uPVC Door Handle

When you have received delivery of your uPVC Door Handle, carry out a visual inspection along with a check that the measurements match with the uPVC Door Handle you wish to replace.

When you are satisfied that all is in order, proceed to remove the existing Door Handle.

1.    Remove the 2 or 3 uPVC Door handle fixing screws ensuring that both sides of the door handle are supported to avoid damage to surfaces etc. Remove the both sides carefully.

Present the new uPVC door handles to the door ensuring that the holes for the uPVC Door Handle Fixing screws are on the interior of the building. Pass the spindle bar through the multi-point locking mechanism and into both lever handles.

2.    Now insert the uPVC Door Handle Fixing screws (for security ensure these are inserted from the interior of the building). On occasions these screws require cutting if the door is narrower that standard. It may also be necessary to loosen the cylinder retention screw that hold the cylinder/ barrel lock in position in order to easily align the fixing screws. You will find this screw on the edge of the door passing through the multi-point lock 



3.    Once everything is aligned, hand tighten the uPVC Door Handle fixing screws (and the cylinder retention screw)

4.    Finally check the operation of the handle and cylinder lock to ensure that the multi-point lock, uPVC Door Handle and cylinder/barrel lock are all functioning correctly and that there is no movement.